Saturday, February 10, 2007

Guitar Hero & Gatorade

Date: Friday, February 9th
Venue: Hi-Rise Lounge

Well, You're Dressed, Wes is always at the hottest parties. Sometimes. Occasionally, we're not invited. In any case, I had an awesome time in the hi-rise lounge this Friday. Why? No one was naked. It's that simple.

I am very impressed by the group of young people pictured above. They have managed to ALL cover everything buy their hands and faces. Good work. Plus, I've heard that gatorade was all over the runways at fashion week! Other hot accessories this season are lightswitches and Pi!

From what we've heard, this girl supports nudity! She seemed like such a nice girl...

I am now judging her.
OK. I'm done.

- JJS & Em

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Saturday Night

Date: Saturday, February 3rd
Venue: Warren St.

History was made this Saturday. I'm talking some Marie Antoinette shit.

For the first time since this blog was created, I arrived at the same party as Shane & Maude of Well Dressed Wes. They were on the prowl for high fashion, I was on the prowl for clothing. On bodies. You'd think our goals would not clash.

Well, your thoughts are wrong. What started as a friendly rivalry, became WAR. Shane approached me with a challenge to create a "Weekly Midge" series. Maude stood silently. I could only guess that she was judging me inside of her head. In French.

Then it got worse. I recognized a trend that the two lovely ladies looked over-- girls dancing with their clothes on. They were everywhere! Dancing! But more importantly, clothed! I took this picture first...

Seconds after the photo was taken, the subject says to me, "Oh, I got my picture taken for Well Dressed Wes too!" ....OH NO SHE DIDN'T! Maude's silence wasn't judgment. It was mind-reading. They knew who I was going to take photos of before I could start. I had to switch up my routine, so I looked for a new trend.


Moments later, I found out that Maude was one step ahead of me on this one. The two fashion villains had photographed this young woman as well! I didn't think there would be so many overlaps in fashion and clothed-ness.

I knew what I had to I did it.

As I had speculated, the flash of my camera was able to erase Maude's mind-reading skills. It's sort of like Men in Black, but...uh...different. You can see the fear in Shane's face as she realizes that their plan has been ruined. Maude remains fabulous, as she did not realize I was stealing her powers.

With that said, catching these two off guard made me realize something-- Dancing while clothed with possession of a vagina is not only cool because I said so, it's...FASHIONABLE! Knowing this, I continued on my mission to document dancing girls...

"The arm" seemed to be very popular that night. This dance is very scandalous! It involves young women shaking and swinging their scantily clad arms! Luckily, they covered most other parts.

Here, a young woman attempts a more conservative take on "the arm". It is called "the hand". I find this dance much more attractive. If she happened to be wearing gloves, I might have proposed!

Other girls tried to cover up in new ways. While they were dancing, these modest ladies covered their faces with hair!

In these two photos, it is more important to look into the background. Do you see what is going on? Are you outraged? As these girls dance, they are in the presence of *GASP* making out and gyrating! Both of these are gateway activities to SEX...which involves NUDITY! And you know how we feel about that...

Here, a girl dances with a girl in a hat! That reminds me...hats were still in that night, as a great way to cover up the head.

There was one trend that night which Shane and Maude completely overlooked-- PEENS! Obviously, they are only cool if they're behind fabric.

If I remember correctly, these boys were wearing pants. The rest of these boys DEFINITELY were!

This last boy is showing an inappropriate amount of chest for Well, You're Dressed, Wes. Luckily, he was able to keep his peen in his pants. Therefore, we'll forgive him...this time.

In closing, I would like to share my favorite photo of the night. Below you will see a young woman who is super-dressed for Wes! Seriousilicicty!

Keeping it clothed,
JJ & Em

Friday, January 26, 2007

kid tested, shane & maude approved

In a benevolent gesture, Shane dazzled our blog with her generous approval during a quest of Joe John's to The Gatekeeper. We are eternally grateful --- so grateful that we're posting a photo of ourselves, dreaming of weather so cold that students will only show their eyes. You'll like this. Seriousilicity.

Aren't we hott? Emo? Clothed? Very Myspace, je pense.

Now, Joe John wouldn't dare make such a bold move, but I would like to (humbly) submit a suggestion for true well-dressed wes fashion, from this grand monsieur of wescelebreality.

The sweater is FROM middletown, even -- how urban trendy can you GET?
(see: TRENDZ: a boutique)

- JJS & Em

party like it's our anniversary.

Date: Friday, January 26th
Venue: Boom boom boom. A room.

Boys were wearing nice things. By nice, I mean that they weren't showing their peens.

Other boys wore hats. Honestly, this photo is cut off, so they may HAVE been showing their peens. Gross. Sluts.

Girls were sitting, luckily with their clothes on. From what I've heard, sitting is REALLY in this season for girls!

Some sassier girls decided to stand! *GASP* Some fashion risks are meant to be taken though, so we'll forgive them. Because they're properly covered.

Pirate gear is SO hot right now!

We might not forgive this girl for standing. Do you SEE her feet? Trendy, but problematic.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

tribute to midge

Here at Well, You're Dressed, Wes we'd like to salute Midge. Why you ask? I mean...have you ever seen Ms. Bennet streaking? I think not. This is why we salute her. She is a role-model for all of us.

-JJS & Em

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

no, seriously.

Send us your pictures. nastyputsomeclotheson (at)

That last post wasn't supposed to be some joke. We just want to see you with your clothes on. So put them on and take some pictures. NOW. Okay? If you don't, I might have to start yanking shit off facebook and pretending you sent it or making self-indulgent posts of myself alone eating a TV dinner...with my clothes on, of course. Oh, and if you're REALLY bad, I'll post those naked pictures you sent us. Naughty!


PS: If for some reason you are coming here from anywhere but wesleying, please vote for them as the US News "Best Alternative Media Outlet". Do it. With your clothes on.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Well, You're Dressed Wes Does Winter Break

We all know that winter break means naked; from sitting on your computer in your underwear reading this blog to getting too drunk on new year's eve to actually having time to shower.  Evil is in the air. So, since we can't bear to think about you without your clothes on, here's our proposition:


No, seriously.  Do it.  Then...


You heard it, the ball is in your court...But we don't want to see your balls, so have a friend take a picture of you looking fabulously covered and send it to NastyPutSomeClothesOn (at) We will then publish it on the site.

*Please, individual shots only

*Include your name and Wesleyan class year.  We won't publish this, but we'll use it to facebook you and make sure "nudity" isn't one of your interests.

*Give a little description of the clothes you are wearing, the virtues of being clothed, the occasion for wearing them, the location of wearing them, what your mother is wearing, etc.

That's it. Have fun with it, but not any naked fun.  That is forbidden.  We can't wait to see your pictures!  Teehee.

(closing remarks in French...or is that Fritalian???) 

-JJS & Em